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Unit B6(12)

Speaking of productivity, I just finished watching The Little Prince on Netflix.

The idea of “growing up” and what that all means has caught my attention today.

According to the film, us adults are “a bit odd” as many of us fixate on things that really aren’t “essential.”

Watching the film this time around, I identified with Mr. Prince, the grown up version of the Little Prince, who finds himself sweeping chimneys and disconnected from his younger self.

He’s forgotten his youthfulness and sense of wonder. His whimsy is no more and has been replaced with obedience and boundaryless work. All of his previous light has been dimmed in pursuit of pleasing Mr. Business.

But there is hope. He ends up finding his way back to himself and remembering all that was once his. I hope I do too.

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Life, summarized

I woke up this morning with the beat of “Lost in My Mind” playing in my head.

I wasn’t sure why it was there in the first place, but it became clearer as I listened to the lyrics.

How’s that bricklayin’ coming?
How’s your engine running?
Is that bridge getting built?
Are your hands getting filled?

Won’t you tell me my brother?

The message reminded me of what the midnight muse was trying to tell me a couple of weeks ago.

tend to your garden
all those things you said you would
even now they call

It seems that my inner self is trying to remind me of something that I have forgotten. Not in reprimand nor in judgment, but in subtle reintroduction. A gentle prompting to get back to what I’ve lost sight of.

The phone camera fell out of my hands and captured this this morning.
quick thoughts

Time for a tune up

Did you know that running shoes have certain milage on them? It turns out that you’re supposed to get new shoes between 300-500 miles of usage, which equates to about six months or even a year depending on how much you run.

I’m not an avid runner, but I do know that it was about time for an upgrade. I slipped into my new sneaks this evening and was off. It felt good to run again.

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Coincidence? I think not!

I couldn’t help but laugh at noticing that the title of this month’s New Yorker cartoon calendar matched what I wrote about yesterday.

Out of all things, “Airplane Mode.”

It looks like The New Yorker and I have started this month out on the same page, literally. There’s nothing like a little turbulence to get you thinking.