¡Ándale, mija!

I’m off to California in two days and can’t help but listen to the music that reminds me of home. The song on repeat this morning was “Paso del Norte” by La Original Banda El Limón De Salvador Lizárraga.

The tuba, the trombone, the tambora and timbales all come together in an expression of joy Mexicans call tamborazo. I used to despise banda, but something about it now enlivens me to the point of giddiness. I know it’s because it reminds me of my dad.

Since what I listen to reflects what I’m feeling, this song definitely encapsulates my excitement. I’m ready to be in California and see my parents once again.

Other songs on repeat this week are “Amor Eterno” by Guan Gabriel and “La Ley del Monte” by Vicente Fernández.

The good with the bad

I can’t seem to get enough of Andrew Bird’s “Pulaski at Night.” It’s been on repeat these last three days, but what holds my attention is this song lyric:

It puts into words what I think life is trying to communicate to me: Whether the cup is half empty or half full, drink still runs over.

Water still flows. Good still exists.